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Apresia Device Sends Constant and Erroneous Realtime Change Notifications


NCM software is receiving continual realtime change notifications; or receives a notification from the Apresia device each time the config is downloaded or a script is executed that does not change the device's configuration.

This issue occurs due to a command in the Apresia device template that puts the device into config mode each time you connect to the device and sends a ‘terminal length 0’ command to turn off the "More" prompt.


Unlike Cisco devices, which configure terminal display per config session, Apresia sets display properties persistently. So, since this operation needs to be done only once, and then the setting persists, you can safely remove the 'terminal length 0' command from the device template; and doing so resolves the issue with RTNs.

To remove the command from the template:

  1. Open Apresia device template located in  NCMInstallDir\DeviceTypes\Apresia 3424GT and 13200-
  2. Replace existing line with reset command by the following one:

    <Command Name="RESET" Value="">

  3. Save your changes.

On the Apresia device, to set appropriately set the terminal length, login and issue these commands:

  > enable
  # conf t
  (config)# terminal length 0
  (config)# end

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Last Updated
27th of June, 2012

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