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Configuring Cisco IOS Routers and Switches to do a Syslog to the LEM Appliance

This document outlines the procedures for configuring Cisco IOS devices to log to the LEM appliance and configuring the Cisco PIX and IOS tool on the LEM Manager.

To configure your Cisco IOS routers and switches, complete the following procedure:

  1. Connect to your Cisco IOS device using an SSH or Telnet client.
  2. Login using administrative credentials for the device.
  3. Enter enable.
  4. Reenter the administrative password for the device.
  5. Enter configure and press Enter after the "How would you like to configure?" prompt.
  6. Enter logging LEM_IP_address.
    Note: LEM_IP_address is the IP address of your LEM Manager.
  7. Enter logging facility local2. This defines where the LEM Manager will look for the IOS logs.
  8. Enter logging trap debug.
  9. Enter exit to return to the previous prompt.
  10. Enter copy run start to ensure the device reboots with the new configuration.
  11. When asked about the destination, press Enter.

To configure the Cisco PIX and IOS tool on your LEM Manager, complete the following procedure:

  1. Navigate to the Manage > Appliances view in the LEM Console and log onto the LEM Manager on which you want to configure the connectors.
  2. Click the gear icon next to the LEM Manager, and select Connectors.
  3. In the Connector Configuration window, enter Cisco in the search box at the top of the Refine Results pane.
  4. Click the gear icon next to the Cisco PIX and IOS connector, and select New.
  5. Replace the Alias value with a more descriptive tool alias. For example, IOS Switch 1.
  6. Verify the Log File value matches the local facility defined in Step 7 in the configure Cisco IOS routers and switches procedure.
  7. If you are finished configuring the connector, click Save.
  8. Click the gear icon next to the new connector, and select Start. The Status icon turns green to indicate the tool has started.
  9. Click Close to close the Connector Configuration window.

Once the tool is running, you can create a filter to display all traffic from that device. For example, your filter conditions might read, Any Alert.ToolAlias = *IOS Switch 1* using the example above, where the asterisks serve as wildcard characters.

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Last Updated
21st of July, 2015

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