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  1. questionSending Filters to nDepth for Historical Search
    Overview You can use your real-time filters in your LEM Console to view historical data by sending them to nDepth. To send a filter to nDepth for use as a search: Open your LEM Console and log in to your LEM Manager as an administrator or auditor. Navigate to the Monitor view. Select the filte ...
  2. questionCreating Filters for Real-time Monitoring in Your LEM Console
    Overview You can create custom filters from the Monitor view in your LEM Console to display real-time traffic from your monitored computers and devices. You can also use filters to view historical data by sending their Conditions to nDepth, as detailed in Sending Filters to nDepth for Historica ...
  3. questionLinks to LEM Training Videos
    SolarWinds offers a library of training videos, covering all of the major points of configuring and using your LEM Console, available in an easy to use, self-study format. The complete suite of LEM training videos is found here. The following list of short, tutorial videos are prerequisites for ...
  4. questionCloning, Enabling, and Activating NATO5 Rules
    SolarWinds Log & Event Manager (LEM) comes pre-packaged with several useful rules that can be customized and enabled in your live network to notify you of and even respond to noteworthy network and security events. Although these rules are mostly pre-configured, as a LEM administrator, you ...
  5. questionFiltering and Exporting LEM Reports
    Overview You can use Select Expert to filter pre-configured reports in LEM Reports to quickly find events of interest. You can also export filtered reports to share, save, or run later. Procedures To filter a report in LEM Reports: Open LEM Reports on a computer that is allowed to run reports. ...
  6. questionQuickly Creating a Filter for a Specific Alert Type
    Overview You can use the Create a Filter From This Alert button at the top of the Alert Details pane to create a new filter for the Alert you've selected. Procedure To create a new filter for a specific Alert type: Open your LEM Console and log in to your LEM Manager as an administrator or aud ...