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There were 295 articles found in this category:

  1. questionWhat words are reserved from use in custom property names?
    The following reserved words may not be used in custom property names. This does not apply to the custom property field/value: ABSOLUTE ACTION ADA ADD ADMIN AFTER AGGREGATE ALIAS ALL ALLOCATE ALTER AND ANY APPLICATION ARE ARRAY AS ASC ASSERTION AT AUTHORIZATION AVG BACKUP BEFORE BEGIN BETWEEN B ...
  2. questionNTA 4.0 Installation: Frequently Asked Questions
    This Knowledge Base article comprises frequently asked questions we have encountered with our customers testing Release Candidates for NTA 4.0. Installation Q: What are the requirements for NTA 4.0? Pre-requisites for NTA 4.0: 64bit environment. If you have more than one poller, make sure they ...
  3. questionCompatibility of SolarWinds Orion Products for Installation and Upgrade
    SolarWinds Orion modules and standalone products are compatible with the specific versions of SolarWinds Orion Network Performance Monitor (NPM) shown in the following tables. Standalone products do not require any other SolarWinds products to be installed. To upgrade from earlier versions of O ...
  4. questionHow Do the Ingress/Egress/Both Options Influence the NTA Top XX Endpoints Resource?
    In NetFlow, there are three terms you will frequently see: endpoints, transmitters, and receivers. Any NetFlow conversation is made of 3 parts: Source IP, Destination IP, and port. For example, let's say there is a user on a Windows PC downloading a file from an FTP on Amazon, and FTP uses port ...
  5. questionCisco 3560X/3750X Not Exporting Flows to NTA
    Standard 3750 and 3560 switches do not support NetFlow. The 3750-X and 3560-X L3 switches only support NetFlow if they have the C3KX-SM-10G Service module; and in this case the only option is using Flexible NetFlow. To find out the module in your device: Log on to the device. Execute the sho ...
  6. questionHow to use a shared folder as the destination for NTA Flow Storage Database backups
    Issue If you set a shared folder located at another computer as the destination for NTA Flow Storage Database backups, you cannot create backups. If you go to the Backup Scheduler (NetFlow Settings > Database Settings > Backup Scheduler), you will find an appropriate error in the Backup st ...
  7. questionHow to provide more disk space on NTA Flow Storage Database drive?
    If you are running out of space on your NTA Flow Storage Database drive, consider the following options: Move your NTA Flow Storage Database to a larger disk. For more information, see the KB article Changing the Location of NTA Flow Storage Database. Set a lower retention period for saving yo ...
  8. questionInstallation not permitted by software restriction policy
    The following error, or similar, may be an indication of a certificate issue in Internet Explorer. The installation of C:\Windows\Installer\filename.msi is not permitted by software restriction policy. The Windows Installer only allows installation of unrestricted items. The authorization level ...
  9. questionSlow performance on Windows Server 2008, Windows Vista, and Windows 7
    If Orion is installed on Windows Server 2008 or Windows Vista and there are any devices on your network, between your Orion server and your database server, that do not support RFC 1323, “TCP Extensions for High Performance”, the TCP window size auto-tuning feature of Windows Server ...
  10. question(500) Internal Server Error
    There are a number of potential reasons for a (500) Internal Server Error. The following procedures provide a number of different approaches that may resolve a (500) Internal Server Error: Resolution Confirm that the Local Administrator group has access to the following directories: Note: These ...
  11. questionLogon failure: the user has not been granted the requested logon type at this computer
    Issue: When logging into the Orion Web Console, some Individual Active Directory (AD) users see: Logon failure: the user has not been granted the requested logon type at this computer Resolution: SolarWinds uses Internet information Services (IIS) to authenticate AD users of the Orion Web Consol ...
  12. questionIIS: Error 503 Service unavailable on Windows Server 2008 with IIS 7.0
    Issue: IIS: Error 503 Service unavailable pages display after removing McAfee Host Intrusion Prevention. McAfee Host Intrusion Prevention has been shown to interfere with SQL queries, so SolarWinds recommends that you uninstall it. Uninstalling McAfee Host Intrusion Prevention from a server runn ...
  13. questionI am having a problem in the Configuration Wizard.
    The issues listed in this article have been encountered while completing the Configuration Wizard. When available, a resolution or workaround is provided. If the problem you are having is not addressed in this article, please submit a technical support ticket. Issue: While completing the Conf ...
  14. questionHow do I ensure a FIPS-compliant SolarWinds installation?
    Issue: A SolarWinds FIPS Compliance Check has failed. Resolution If a SolarWinds FIPS Compliance Check has failed you have the following options to ensure a successful SolarWinds installation: If FIPS-compliance is not a requirement, you can disable FIPS using the SolarWinds FIPS 140-2 Manager, ...
  15. questionI am receiving errors in the Orion Web Console
    Error: There was no endpoint listening at net.tcp://localhost:17777/SolarWinds/InformationService/Orion/ssl that could accept the message. This is often caused by an incorrect address or SOAP action. See InnerException, if present, for more details. This error may be the result of either of the ...
  16. questionOrion products may not install due to Windows Software Restriction Policies
    Issue: Orion product may not install due to Windows Software Restriction Policies. I am receiving a message similar to the following: “The installation of %1 is not permitted by software restriction policy. The Windows Installer only allows installation of unrestricted items. The authori ...
  17. questionWhat Happens to My Historical Data After Migration?
    When you are upgrading your NTA to NTA 4.0 using NTA Flow Storage, you need to decide what you want to do with your old Flow data: Migrate the data - transfer them from the old Orion SQL database to the new NTA Flow Storage. Don't migrate the data but keep them in the original Orion SQL databa ...
  18. questionBroken Engines Table After Migration: NTA Resources Show Old or No Data
    Issue After a server migration, NetFlow resources are not updated. Cause The engines database table is broken, the old engine hostname is causing a conflict. Solution To fix this issue, assign your nodes to the correct polling engine: Log in the Orion Web Console with an administrator account. ...
  19. questionI am seeing a warning about the size of my Syslog table
    Before attempting the procedure in this article, see this SolarWinds knowledge base article. It may be helpful to remove some existing traps and syslog messages, as described in the following procedure: To remove traps and syslog messages: Start > All Programs > SolarWinds Orion > Adv ...
  20. questionSolarWinds products on servers running Cisco Secure Access Control Server (Cisco ACS)
    SolarWinds strongly recommends against installing Cisco Secure Access Control Server (Cisco ACS) on the same server as any SolarWinds product that uses Orion Core Services. Cisco ACS can block access to performance counters SolarWinds products need to conduct monitoring. It is possible that Cis ...
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