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  1. questionRegister SQL Server instances as monitored databases using a Windows Computer Account
    Overview In SolarWinds DPA, you can register and monitor a SQL Server database using a Windows Computer Account. To use this feature, you must make the following configuration changes: Adjust the DPA service on the computer running SolarWinds DPA. Modify the SQL Server permission of the monitor ...
  2. questionCan't authenticate to remote DPA instances from a Central DPA using AD/LDAP
    Symptom You cannot authenticate to a remote DPA instance from the DPA Central Server. This can happen in the following cases: The DPA Central Server cannot connect to your AD/LDAP domain server. The credentials supplied are invalid. Problem This is a side effect of one of our anti-lockout feat ...
  3. questionSpecial characters are saved incorrectly in DPA
    Overview You entered and saved special characters, but the characters display incorrectly when you reaccess DPA. Environment All versions of DPA Cause By default, DPA does not support special characters using a specific character set such as multi-byte, double-byte, and so on. Resolution Warni ...
  4. questionDeactivate licenses in DPA
    SolarWinds DPA 9.0 and later has two forms of license deactivation, online and offline, depending on whether your DPA server has direct access to the Internet. Evaluation licenses and temporary keys cannot be deactivated. License deactivation in DPA 8.x is not supported in any form. Deactivate ...
  5. questionMonitor a read-only MySQL database instance in DPA
    Overview You cannot register a read-only MySQL database in DPA. An error message displays stating that the user does not have enough privileges. Environment DPA 10.1 and later Cause DPA requires that the monitoring user has updated privileges on the MySQL Performance Schema database. Resolutio ...
  6. questionHow to install DPA on an Amazon EC2 Cloud server
    This article only applies to: DPA 9.0, Ignite 8.x SolarWinds DPA 9.1 and later have native support for Amazon EC2. The article below is only for older DPA 9.0 and Confio Ignite 8.x customers. SolarWinds recommends all customers upgrade to the latest version of SolarWinds DPA. Overview SolarWi ...
  7. questionMcAfee Web Gateway labels some SolarWinds downloads as viruses or malware
    Issue: When downloading some SolarWinds products through McAfee Web Gateway, the following message may be displayed: Malware Detected The transferred file contained a virus and was therefore blocked. Cause: This is a false positive triggered by the McAfee Web Gateway Anti-Malware Engine. Res ...
  8. questionWindows Server 2012 and SQL Server 2012 and 2014 Support
    The following SolarWinds products support Microsoft Windows Server 2012 and 2012 R2 and Microsoft SQL Server 2012 and 2014. Product Runs on Windows Server 2012 R2 since... Runs on Windows Server 2012 since... Runs on SQL Server 2014 since ... Runs on SQL Server 2012 since ... NPM (including ...
  9. questionSQL Server Long Running Jobs Alert May Fire False Positives if a SQL Job was Started and not Allowed to Finish
    In DPA 9.0 and 9.2, the SQL Server Long Running Jobs alert may fire false positives if a SQL Server job was started and not allowed to finish. (This issue is fixed in DBA 10.0.) To work around this issue, create a custom SQL alert that excludes SQL Server jobs that are started but not completed ...
  10. questionMySQL Performance Schema Configuration Options
    The following Advanced Options can be used to configure the MySQL Performance Schema: MYSQL_PERFORMANCE_SCHEMA MYSQL_PS_UPDATE_BEHAVIOR MYSQL_PS_ACCESS_ALLOWED MYSQL_PERFORMANCE_SCHEMA Select one of the following options to specify what data the MySQL Performance Schema collects and maintains ...
  11. questionNo metric data for MySQL 5.7.6 or later
    To optimize SolarWinds DPA’s reporting capabilities, we recommend the following. For MySQL 5.6, Enable the MySQL Performance Schema If the monitored database instance is version 5.6, we recommend enabling the MySQL Performance Schema. If the Performance Schema is not enabled, SolarWinds D ...
  12. questionMissing MySQL statistics and performance_schema.events_statements_summary_by_digest table is full error in the log file
    Background MySQL statistics are calculated by querying the performance_schema.events_statements_summary_by_digest table. This table has a fixed size that can be changed, but when the table becomes full, any new values not already in the table get grouped in a special NULL row. This allows MySQL ...
  13. questionMissing statistics for SQL statements
    Symptom You don't see statistics for SQL statements in SolarWinds DPA. Issue There are some common reasons for why SQL data can be missing: The MySQL performance schema might be disabled. MySQL does not provided statistics for SQL run in a stored procedure. MySQL does not provide statistics for ...
  14. questionSQL batches in MySQL affect statistics
    MySQL only publishes the information necessary to retrieve statistics for the last query in a batch of SQL statements. This affects DPA's ability to accurately report statistics for some of the SQL in the batch. As an example, take this batch of SQL statements: SELECT count(1) FROM t1;SELECT co ...
  15. questionORA-01882 Timezone region not found error when you try to register an Oracle database
    Symptom When trying to register an Oracle database, you may sometimes get an error similar to the following: The timezone on the DB instance that you are trying to register is not compatible with the DPA timezone [Pacific/Tarawa]. Error Message: The timezone name/region on the client is not supp ...
  16. questionError occurred while trying to read the license store
    The error message "Error occurred while trying to read the license store." usually indicates a corrupted license file. Suggested Action To resolve this issue, rename the licensing folder. Stop DPA For UNIX or Linux: Stop DPA using the {install dir}/shutdown.sh script. For Windows: Stop the Wi ...
  17. questionWhen DPA Runs on an EC2 Instance, Links in Emails Might Be Broken
    Emails sent from DPA (for example, alerts or scheduled reports) include a link back to the product. When DPA runs on an EC2 instance, these links might be broken. When DPA creates the links, the host name in the URL is based on the current public IP address of the EC2 instance. Whenever the ins ...
  18. questionUpdate to the latest jTDS driver for DPA 9.2
    With DPA 9.2, the default, active file is jtds-1.2.jar. If instructed to do so by SolarWinds support, you can switch to jTDS-1.2.2.sw.2.0.jar using the following procedure: Note: This updated jtds driver only works with specific versions of Microsoft SQL Server. Do not switch to the 1.2.2 jtds ...
  19. questionProtecting Against "POODLE" security vulnerability (CVE-2014-3566)
    The Padding Oracle On Downgraded Legacy Encryption (POODLE) vulnerability, released on October 14th, 2014 (CVE-2014-3566), is an attack on the SSL 3.0 protocol. Since this problem is in the protocol itself, any product using SSLv3 is affected. By exploiting this vulnerability, an attacker can o ...
  20. questionSCHEMASFED is not Replicated between the Primary and Secondary Servers when Fail Over Function is Installed and Enabled
    Issue The SCHEMASFED file filter is not replicated between the primary and secondary servers when the fail over function (SolarWinds Failover Engine) is installed and enabled. Environment DPAO 9.2 using Windows 2008 R2 and Internet Explorer 11 Resolution In SolarWinds Failover Manager, click th ...
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